Scrapping a car in Austria

Hi everyone,

I am working in the Vorarlberg area Austria and unfortunately have written off my UK registered Land Rover. It is sitting in a garage in near Bludenz but I am having trouble getting rid of it for parts or finding a scrap yard nearby who may pick it up and get rid of it for me. Taking it back to the UK is not an option right now.

I need to be able to sign it off on my V5 documents as an export or for scrap so I'm no longer the registered keeper or owner and so I can go home end of April and not have to worry about it.

Does anyone know of any scrap yards that may take it off my hands in the Vorarlberg area or would anyone know of anyone who may buy it (or at this point even take it for free) for parts off me?

Thanks in advance!

Not really up on the Austrian scrap yards but if the insurance is ‘writing it off' then let them sort it.
What sort of land rover is it and how old? I know a classic car restorer in Bavaria who may be interested if it floats his boat.

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately the insurance won't sort it which is my problem. It's a Land Rover freelander 2004 so not quite a classic car but is a discontinued model. It's in really good shape for parts (besides the damage to the front bumper/lights/axle etc) a great engine still and barely done any miles and has some excellent new winter tyres on it, so is worth salvaging if anyone can just take it away.

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Have you tried advertising it on Willhaben for spare parts?

This LINK lists car recycling plants, as you are not far from Germany you may wish to try there too if you have no luck with Austria.

Good luck, if that's not successful come back and will try another angle but do still come back and give us feedback as it might be beneficial to other members.

Expat Team

@caro I've emailed my contact in Bavaria about it and just waiting a reply. What's your area post code for where it is as the distance will have to be calculated? Cheers Eric


Thank you for your help! It is in Nüziders (very close to Bludenz) postcode 6714.

Look forward to his response.



Thank you very much SimCityAT, I will give them a go and let you know!


I know this was from years ago but I've done severe damage to my Zippo Rav 4 24 years  old it needs a new rear quarter and you said you knew someone  in Bavaria interested in classic cars. Can you ask them ?

Pm sent