About Austria

Austria has a lot to offer to its expat community — from a strategic location in the heart of Europe to a rich cultural heritage, and a good quality of life.

The country has seven European neighbours, scenic mountains on the south and the west where some of the best ski resorts pop up, and densely forested areas.

Austria’s main economic, intellectual, and business activities are taking place in its capital city, imperial Vienna. A quarter of Austria’s population lives in Vienna, and this is also where most expats’ lives revolve around. Many international organisations (United Nations’ institutions, NGOs, and energy companies) have their headquarters in Vienna. Big organisations and professionals benefit from Austria’s access to the single European market, its proximity to emerging markets such as Hungary and the Czech Republic, an exemplary private banking system, and a continuous promotion of entrepreneurship with a special focus on social entrepreneurship.

But Vienna successfully combines the past with the present, and from one moment to another visitors get transported to a time when the palaces were filled with waltzers, and the houses of Ludwig van Beethoven and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart were filled with music.

Austrians are very respectful of their work-life balance, and this is something they are proud of — getting work done shouldn’t mean sacrificing family time or staying in the office until late hours. They also find it reasonable to pay higher taxes, when education and healthcare are covered and come at high quality.