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If you are moving to Austria as a student, worker or expat, you may require a visa. The following section contains general information on Austrian visa requirements. Austria welcomes expats for the purpose of travel, business and study, but certain conditions must be met to obtain a visa. For longer-term visa types, proficiency in the German language is essential. Most immigration website information and visa application forms are also only available in German. As Austria is part of the European Union (EU), EU passport holders do not need a visa to relocate to the country for purposes of work or study.

Tourist visa

Austria does not require a tourist visa for citizens of many countries for stays under 90 days. If you are unsure, contact your consulate for more information. The list of countries who are not required to have a tourist visa can be found via the link below.

For citizens of certain countries, predominately African nations, airport transfer and tourist visas are required.

Useful link:

Specific details can be found on your relevent consulate's website.

Entry permit

An entry permit or entry visa is valid for stays up to six months, and may be required, depending on your reasons for entering the country. Entry permits are required for those who are:

  • Short-term business travellers, coming for business or to attend a conference
  • Tourists, depending on their country of origin
  • Short-term students
  • German language students

Residence permit

Residence permits are required for non-EU residents who wish to live, work or study in the country for more than six months. Residence permits can be temporary or permanent.

Temporary residence permits apply to students, au pairs, academic researchers, and employees who have been relocated to Austria on a temporary basis, but for a duration longer than six months. Students applying for this visa type must show proof their enrolment within an educational facility.

Permanent residence permits apply to those who are moving to Austria for purposes of retirement or family reasons. Some employment and self-employment visas also fall under this category.

General visa requirements

Most Austrian visa types will require the applicant to provide:

  • Valid passport
  • Fees, which vary depending on the visa type
  • Completed application forms (in German)
  • Proof of German language ability may be required
  • Health insurance which covers you for the duration of your stay
  • Proof that you can sustain yourself (and any dependents) financially for the duration of your stay

It is important to obtain all necessary visas before arriving in Austria. Otherwise, you may be denied entry into the country. Processing times can vary, so start the application process well in advance of your planned move. All supporting documents to visa applicants must be notarised, if they are not original, and translated into German.

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