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Hi People,
Am visiting Austria for 16 days and for 4-5 days I will be travelling to Romania, please suggest me any flight company to /from Vienna to Bucharest that provides refundable tickets in case if i want to cancel it. Searched online and I found train takes lot of time and flight is the easy option but I couldnt find any of the flights with refundable tickets. I can also come there and decide but I need this at moment because i need to show this details to the embassy in order to obtain a multiple entry visa.
Even a small information will be helpful.
Thanks in advance folks. Have a great day :-)

Hi there,

I know Austrian Airways offer refunded tickets, but that option does cost more. A noraml return wil cost from €144.
It is also a very good airline and I have used it a lot and never had a problem with them.

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Thanks for the reply Simon. Will have a check. It is ok even if the refund is expensive, I will be happy even if i get a small money back as refund. Something is better than nothing. Thanks a lot buddy. Cheers.

If you need any other help, please feel free to ask away.


Currently no doubts Simon. I check with the, they are providing the refund only for the business class. So let me decide what to do. Do we have such kind of refund options in trains too?

Hi Simon,

Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate you for taking your time to reply me. I actually booked the tickets from and I showed that tickets for the visa purpose and got my visa yesterday.

Thanks a lot buddy.


hii am harjit kumari want to visit austria . please help me . what is process for vissa

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