Visitors Visa for Austria from India

Hi All,

I want to make my Parent's Visit in Austria from India..
I just want to around how much it will take to get Visitor Visa for Austria from India?
And for many days this Visitor Visa is Valid?
Accordingly I need to plan other things..
If anyone has any information regarding this....please share..

Thank you..

Hi Neha
I hope now you may have some information on visitor visa.
Actually I am planing visitor visa for my family.
Please forward me if you have any details.
Thank You


KR / Vivek

hello Neha
visit Austrian embassy in india, here you will find the information


Is there any information related to visitor visa duration so that i can plan my parents visit

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Hey Guys,

There are two type Visitor visa's Type C allows for a max of 3 months stay in Vienna and Type D allows for 6 months. Tourist Visa is Type C so only for 3 months.


I am from Vietnam. I want to visit Vienna, too.
Is it easy for me to travel there.

Hi Dainguyen,

You should check out this link please -  Austria Visa :)

Thank you


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