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Hi everyone,

Now I share some importants links with you.

Detail about Very high qualified workers:

1. … rkers.html

First calculate that are you able or not for Job seeker Visa. … lator.html

3.   My Question for every one:
Can you prove research and innovation activity, such as own patent applications or authorship of scientific publications?
                      I am also Web Designer and Developer . Is it applicable for above question?
         Anybody guide me
Khurram Shahzad
Islamabad, Pakistan

For research and innovation activity, you can have certificate from university regarding submission of project or thesis on completion of degree which is the sufficient proof to serve the matter. As I did MBA and got certificate from university regarding submission of project.

For English language you can provide the certificate from university regard media of study was in english( English Language Proficiency Certificate. Have u submitted your documents in austria embassy. It is to inform that i have recently submitted my doc in austria embassy.

Dear Farrukh,
For your kind information they do not consider English Proficiency letter from the university rather they consider only internationally recognized certificate for english proficiency so u can't get 10points if u have only university letter to prove your language skills and same is the case with research and innovation activity if u don't have internationally recognized research or patents than u can't get 10points for this too.....
Actually i have applied for Austrian jobseeker visa on january 2015 and they started verification process and finally after hectic long process of verification they replied me on 15th May2015 to come for legalisation process and visa fee so after almost one month on 25th of june 2015 i recieved dicision from them ......
i have assessed 82points (4yrs IT degree=30points, age = 20points, 6yrs experience = 12points, Language skills=10points, Research activity = 10points ....Total = 82points)
but still they refused my case mentioning the reason that i don't have internationally recognized language certificate although i have submitted the University English proficiency letter but they did'nt consider that and also they did'nt consider my research activity as i have only a university certificate for that so they didn't consider it too and the third reason which is most frustrating one is that they reduce my experience points from 12 to only 2 points.... i have passed my BS IT Honors in 2008 and got my DMC in April 2009 so after that i started working and received my degree in december 2013 so they consider my experience right after my degree issuance date which they counted only 1year and given me 2point for that so u can see that what kind of dum people they r that i have passed my exam in dec.2008 and submitted my DMC as well along with my degree in which it's clearly mentioned the DMC release date is 11th april 2009 and it was up to me that whenever i need the degree i can claim it so i claimed when i need it and recieved it on dec.2013 but they didn't understand this simple thing and counted my experience only 1yr ...In short they given me points after such injustice was only 52 (Qualification= 30, age = 20, experience = 2, language skills = 0 , research activity = 0 )and deducted 30points from 82 ....
now i have filed an appeal against this dicision in this month because they have given me this opportunity for Appeal ....
i hope would be helpful for u and for all the others who want to apply for jobseeker visa must know all the complications and hurdles created by their so called AMS ...
so brother don't be very hopeful that u 'll get the visa bcz many others r facing same rejections from embassy who have applied with me ....
for more info u all r welcome to contact me

Dear Waqar
                       I am very pleased to read your experience as you explained the factual position which is very helpful for me and others pakistani brothers. I have also seen personaly some people who told me the same. So after experience of u people I decided to apply for Germany job seeker visa. As there is no points system. But you have to open block account 4000 Euro payable in germany on monthly basis for six months and they require IELTS 4.5 and bachelor degree. Please share with me about this opportunity as we are travelling in same boat.

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Dear Waqar
                        I agree with u as i have consulted from lot of people and blog. please informe me how much is fee for appeal and after appeal are u hopeful to accept your points. Moreover inform me i did my B-com in 1986 and got B-com degree in 1987. i did my MBA in 2013 and got degree in 2014. I claimed more than 10 year exp. Whether they will consider it from 1987 or not.
Further i did IELTS having 5.5 band but embassy refused to take it for verification saying that we take only local documents. how can i give my IELTS to embassy. how verification of exp is done by embassy. when they visit home. I am disappointed from austria embassy. Suggest me germany is offering same job seeker visa. Can i apply for germany.

Documents have to be translated in to German if they are not already in German. That could be the problem.

I am also going to apply for Austrian Job Seekers Visa. My points turns out to be 70, I have not experience but IELTS of 6.5

Assalam o Alikum brother sad to heard that they reject your visa that is injustice what is the latest response you got from Austian Embassy also I am engineer from UK I passed my degree in 2009 after that I have 6 years of experience Ielts 6.0 overall in uk student got degree straight away but my concern is that while they charge 22800 they refused to took my UK degree they only keep my Pakistani documents and it has been month and half I m waiting for layer will u comment any thing what shel I do.

need your assistant about job seeker visa in Austria


anas.bajwa126 wrote:

need your assistant about job seeker visa in Austria


This is a very old post and the last poster has not been active in 3 years, therefore, you will not get an answer.

I recommend that you read up on This Government Website.

Hi I would like to know how much time they take to give a decision for  job seeker visa for Austria from the day of submitting the documents at the Austrian embassy.

Aymanzz89 wrote:

Hi I would like to know how much time they take to give a decision for  job seeker visa for Austria from the day of submitting the documents at the Austrian embassy.

Can take up to 3 months

Thank you for your kind reply. This is for only the AMS decision whether I am accepted or not ?

How can I follow up with the Austrian job seeker visa application

Yup. I applied 11 weeks ago (as of today), and still haven't heard anything. Was told it would take 8 weeks. Argh...

Hi bass,
I'm Indian passport holder,i have master degree,  i have experience, age below 35, language skills and all, and i have my own business running in India software Company.

could you please guide me to apply for a job seeker visa for austria

thanks in advance

Who has information about the full list of English tests that allow you to get a visa?

Hi Darknez,

There are no English tests to get a visa for Austria. The tests are in German. You have to have level A1 to get the initial visa.

Darknez wrote:

Who has information about the full list of English tests that allow you to get a visa?

Why do you need a visa if you are an Austrian citizen?

For my friends. I have no idea where I can find this information in my city.

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