Germany Job Seeker Visa to be able to start working in Austria

Hello everyone! I am newcomer here in expat!

I am come from Thailand. I have graduated master degree in Frankfurt and now I am holding Germany Job Seeker Visa at the moment.

Since now I got a job offer from the company in Austria. Regardless of doing RWR visa, I would like to kindly asking you a questions about the possibility that I can use this visa in order to work in Austria (or at least just for start working there).

Your help and advice for this issue would be greatly appreciate.

**Ps. I am not sure it is a right place to post this qestion so maybe I shall post this question in German forum also, sorry in advance

The German Job Seeker Visa only works in Germany.

All the information you need in Austria can be found following this LINK.

Thank you for your replied!

So lets say what if it is hard for me to get the Red White Red Visa because after calculated I got lower than 70. Are there any others solutions to get to work there?

Thank you in advance for your suggestion.

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