Moving from USA to Austria - How to go about it? Visas and everything?

So I'm a bit confused how do you go about getting the paper work for applying for a visa and what kind of visa would I need to move to Austria from the United States? I've looked it up and it says there are two different types I need to apply to but it doesn't tell me where or how I go about doing that. Thanks in advance for any help

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Hi Ashley , I would suggest contacting our church in Vienna, many Americans who are working and living in Vienna go there even the pastor and his wife are from the States.
So contact the Internet site and leave a message I am sure they will get back to you. Also on YouTube to see the church,contact details are (leebgasse) if to many come up under C.I.G. It's in the 10th District (1100)and has good contacts with Web page and advertising daily for apartments, work , selling items, so forth and always helps.
Chris Evans.

Should be able to obtain Visas from your local embassy or Consulate. He or she should be able to advise which type is the best for you! Good luck!

Yes, I agree this is the best plan, your embassy will be able to assist.
And prepare yourself for more forms than you've ever had to deal with before. It was hard enough for me as an EU citizen to register myself over here (as self employed). They love forms, paper work etc. You may also need a criminal record check and possibly a copy of your birth certificate.

You can communicate with this department regarding your employment and permission etc.

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