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The labor market in Austria
Whether you are looking for a new job or are interested in a future-oriented further education in Austria, it can be an advantage to know the most important facts about the Austrian labor market. Discover the dynamic landscape of Austria's labor market, characterized by fair working conditions, ample job opportunities, and a skilled workforce. Dive into the thriving sectors, employment options, and key trends shaping the future of work in this Central European nation.  
Working in Austria
The Austrian economy is strong, with a high gross domestic product and a high quality of life for residents. Major industries within the country include tourism, construction, metals, chemicals, and education. More than 370 international companies have set up their European head office (or production headquarters) in Austria. From how to find a job to what to expect when working in Austria, this article will be your guide to moving to Austria for work.
Working in Vienna
In recent years, Vienna has become a popular destination with professionals looking to boost their careers abroad. With a vibrant economy and a steady unemployment rate, the Austrian capital city has a lot to offer. Here are some tips for finding a job in Vienna.
Internships in Austria
In Austria, you will usually find two different types of internships. One is voluntary, and the other form involves proper employment. Students mostly have to serve a certain amount of time as a trainee within an internship to receive their graduation certificate.
Setting up a business in Austria
If you are seeking more than employment, starting your own business in Austria would be the other choice. Depending on where your residence is, you will have to go through different phases and experience other obstacles. In general, Austria is a very good location to set up a business as its economy is considered being one of the most stable ones around the globe.
The work culture in Vienna
Relocating to a different city for work can feel overwhelming, particularly when you have limited knowledge about the local culture. To facilitate a smoother transition, here is some valuable information about the work environment in Vienna.
Job candidates in Austria
Added on 17/01/2024
USD 1700
I am looking for a waiter job
Permanent contract
Added on 02/01/2024
USD 6000
Coach driver
Christelle Indersie
Added on 19/12/2023
USD 1800
Permanent contract
Lower Austria
Added on 14/12/2023
Data scientist
Pratheesh Sivaraman nair
Added on 08/12/2023
Added on 02/12/2023
Added on 22/10/2023
FULL-STACK Web Developer
Mangiavillano Théo
Permanent contract
Lovagny (Asap At Wien when I find a job!)
Added on 11/10/2023
EUR 35000
Digital marketer Specialist
Muhammad Bilal
Permanent contract
Added on 10/10/2023
USD 2000
Procurement manager
noemie hensch
Permanent contract
Added on 02/10/2023
Added on 04/09/2023
Added on 28/07/2023
Added on 26/06/2023
350 $
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