working 2 jobs in Austria

Hi! I am a massage therapist of 20 years and planning a move to Vienna. Here in the states I have a solid client base, but when I move, I won't have that and it will take time to build. I was looking at a few places in Vienna to start out at AND I was going to teach English on the side for extra income. Here is my question.....I am being told Europeans do not work 2 jobs and that no one will take me seriously as a massage therapist if I have another side job while I try to build my massage client base (it can take up to a year to get a solid massage client base going). Is this true? A massage therapist only works part time, not 40 hours a week....maybe 20 to 25 hours a week if and when your home clients are built up and steady. Is it frowned upon to work extra while trying to build my home clients?