Any Jobs for Non german speaker?

Hey guys! im Nina. Just moved to Feldkirch Volarlberg recently.
Im currently seeking any type of job for the start up untill my german is good.
So does anyone know anything that could help me, im just so lost. Im award i need german for everything but hey rome wasnt built in a day right?
Im 24, I still have a lot to go. Dear expats any information on what and where i could apply??

Hi Nina,
This is a topic that I see quite often on the threads, and I don't have an instant solution for you but I can share my experience with this, as I went through it just last year :)

It won't be easy, but you will have to check out job search sites, and possibly a recruitment agency for your field of work. Hospitality and catering shouldn't be TOO difficult, provided you have experience as season is coming soon.

As for casual jobs... That will be tricky. I did my A1 and A2 in Deutsch within 3 month's of arriving to skip this problem and have my B1 in a few months from now, and it won't be easy to learn the language from scratch, but you can do it if you just put your head down.

Not many people like the idea of hiring people that are unable to speak the local language, unless you find a language specific job and even then without at least an A1 or 2, you will get the short end of the stick.

Find jobs search sites, other type sites, personal ads etc. and start looking immediately, and start polishing your Deutsch as well, it will be the deciding factor on a stable and well paid job in the future. Translate your CV properly, and make sure you include all of your experience, and don't bother going to places that state they require Deutsch first: This will only destroy your morale.

Go to your local BH and other info services to get more information, and get involved in local community, meet new people etc. Network yourself a bit.

These were the issues I faced when I came across, good luck with the future and I hope this helps a bit!

U need to forget search the job from app or online searching I  sent 1000 CV to eveywhere but not really worked , how i found the job i went to citycenter ask for the job and less than 24 hours i was working in the best Co i have ever work for.  So this is the best way of job searching for non german speaker  that i had experience.
Good luck

Hi Nina
I can only endorse what Michael said.
I usually roll my eyes with the amount of emails this site gets along a similar thread to yours.
However your English looks good and you seem to have right attitude so I'm happy to help if you wish.
I live just 15 minutes up the road from you in Mäder and would be happy to meet you and answer any questions I am able for to you from my 15 months living here.
You can send a friend/contact request or respond to mine and we can decide if or how to take this forward.
Best regards.

Hi Nina, Handy to Tell the Folks where your from. The true fact is if your from a "western country" you will be looked after a lot quicker! Just telling it how I see it and know it.
Go to a leasing firm you'll get work quick smart. I'm an electrician and had VERY little German but was employed within days of applying through a leasing firm!
Keep your chin up,
You'll make it


You mean go to a leasing firm a place that rents out houses, like a realtor ? I'm confused 😐

You mean go to a leasing firm a place that rents out houses, like a realtor ? I'm confused 😐


You're responding on a topic that's been inactive since 2015!  Doubtful you'll get any response from the participants.