Anyone Living in Feldkirch?

Just had a wonderful opportunity to visit Feldkirch. I had an interview in Liechtenstein (just over the border) for a job and surveyed the area for apartments.  I fell in LOVE with Feldkirch.

Unfortunately, I didn't get the job but now have FELDKIRCH on my mind and doing my best to find a way to live and work there.  Anyone know if there are job opportunities for Americans there?

Any advice or opinions are welcomed.



hi cali1998!

for living in austria maybe the following "official" link will give you some answers: … 20000.html

best regards, berni

thanks so much!

would you mind giving me the link again? the one you provided doesn't work, unfortunately :(

I greatly appreciate your help. Do you live in Feldkirch?


ups.. im sorry for the broken link.
please, use the following adressesn:


general information about living in austria:


maybe you can get some useful informations here:

I'm not from feldkirch, I live in the surroundings of Vienna.

hope, it help's to you.
bye und many greetings from icy austria,