Homeschooling in Austria

Hello everyone,

Homeschooling your children as an expat in Austria will definitely come with its load of challenges. Here is a special call to parents who are already homeschooling their children or who plan on doing so to share any information they might have.

Should you opt for homeschooling, is it legal in Austria ? Do you require to register your child or do you need any kind of permission / exemption from the authorities ?  If it is not legal, what alternative option/s do you have ?

How do you go about getting all the necessary educational resources (books, syllabus, notes etc…) to pursue your children's education in Austria ? Does it depend on the curriculum ?

What do you add in your homeschooling techniques to help educate your child that might not be offered or available in traditional schooling ?

How do you socialise homeschooled children in Austria by providing them opportunities to interact with other children ?

If you have any interest in homeschooling, could you please share your views on the pros and cons ?

Thank you for sharing your experience,

Homeschooling is legal and regulated by the Austrian government at the local level. Per the Compulsory Education Act of 1985, Austria's compulsory education requirement can be fulfilled through “domestic education.” Domestic education (home education) is considered a form of private schooling.

Private schools must be “at least equivalent” to the public school, which is evaluated through an examination at the public school at the end of each year.

Parents do not need any special qualifications to instruct their children at home, but they must inform the “Bezirksschulrat” (district school board) before the start of the school year of their intent to homeschool. A school board may prohibit a family's right to homeschool only if the home school instruction is not “equivalent” to the education provided in the public school. If a family's decision to homeschool is prohibited, it is possible to appeal the decision of the district school board and go before the “Landesschulrat” (governing education body).

Figures show that there are over 2000 children being home schooled.