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hi there i am looking for someone to teach me german or knows a good german school i can enroll. i will be gladly if s do get to know german please contact me asap if interested thanx in advance

hello, my godson from Cape-Town just started today a German Course from the University. He says it is good, and compared to many others it is affordable. You would have to go to the University Campus personally to make a test, here is the link for your Information: deutschkurse.univie.ac.at/content/site/dk/de/home/article/228.html

Campus der Universität Wien
Alser Straße 4, Hof 1.16
1090  Wien
tel. +43-1-4277-24101

There is a Goethe Institute in Nairobi that teaches German.
Maybe you could ask there.
Goerte-Intitut Nairobi

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