Student life in Vienna

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Updated 2019-10-31 12:51

Speaking for many attendees: Vienna is probably one of the best places to be for your student experience. Why? Because it offers all of the perks of a big city, yet it is not as big so you would feel lost when you get there just after your high school graduation. Vienna has been elected the most livable city in the world again and counts as one of the safest and economically stable places ever.

The cost of living for students in Vienna

Amongst other European cities, Vienna is still relatively cheap, and it has many extra discounts to make your student life even more affordable. One of the best things is that you can get a ticket for public transport for only 70 € per semester if you are under 26 years.

You can either try and rent a room in a shared flat, get a flat on your own or live in one of the student housing options in the city. To find your perfect home away from home, take a look at our other article "Accommodation in Vienna".

Enrolling in Vienna's universities

Depending on your status, your enrolment at any university might be slightly different. Erasmus students have to provide other certifications and usually a language diploma in German or are required to follow up within a given timeframe.

You may be asked for pre-registration before the semester starts.

The academic year in Vienna

The academic year is divided into two semesters, the first one starting in October and ending in February and the second one following from March to June. They call it winter and summer semesters.

Usually, the summer semester is way more fun for students as they can sit outside to study for exams and also enjoy their free time somewhere in the sun drinking beers out of cans with their fellow students.

Social life in Vienna

Overall, many students spend their years enrolled at a university, studying right before an exam, and the rest of the time just enjoying life and somewhere partying. There are also many activities like football clubs or other sport courses offered through the university.

The famous "USI-Kurse" provides students with a broad catalogue of options such as yoga, climbing, beach volleyball, salsa classes, and many more. You will have to pay very little for what you get as every course will take place probably once a week throughout the entire semester.

Studying and working in Vienna

Most students also start working part-time while studying so they can afford their life because not everyone has a background that can help them out in a financial crisis. It is also advisable if you are already in your last semesters so you can gain some work experience before entering the real job life as this will be required for almost any position.

Language in Vienna

If you consider studying in Vienna and have zero knowledge of the German language, it might difficult at times, depending on what field of study you are choosing. Not every university offers an equal number of classes held in English, so it is necessary to get informed about that before getting enrolled at any university.

However student life in Vienna can be very challenging at times, just like in any other country and it depends a lot on what field you want to focus on, but it provides you with many great opportunities to enjoy your youth while studying.

If you need any further information regarding enrollment or what type of university, you should focus on taking a look at Vienna4U or our article "Studying in Vienna" which should give you a better understanding of Vienna's university systems and types. There are also many Facebook Groups for exchange student that can help you find housing or connects you to other fellow students.

We do our best to provide accurate and up to date information. However, if you have noticed any inaccuracies in this article, please let us know in the comments section below.