How to choose public schools for my son?

Hi everyone! This is a new comer--Cathie from Beijing, China. I'm going to work in Vienna around Oct. and would like to bring my 14-year-old son together with me. I'm wondering if anyone can let me have some websites (in english hehe...) including public bilingual high schools... Or share me with ur experiences in how to choose schools for kids step by step:)

Hello Cathie.

Welcome to! :)


Have you moved to Vienna? I moved here with my son last month and since I am homeschooling him, it has been hard for him to meet friends. Do you have your son registered in any sports?

Just thought I would ask!


Hi Cathie

I'm just about to enrol my son to an international school and just saw your post, did you manage to find a good school and if so, can I ask where?


Hi Lisa - maybe you should know that this post is a bit old :)

Hi Maximilien

I did notice but thought they might have some good advice since almost a whole year has passed.
Perhaps I was a bit optimistic in thinking that they'd still be active on the site  :|