Schooling advice for UK to Austria move


I'm considering relocating to Austria, and the one thing that makes my decision is education for my kids. I'd appreciate any pointers on the Austrian education system.

Basically, the eldest is due to start school in the UK in September at the age of 4!, and we may move just a few months after that. In Austria, school doesn't start until the age of 6. So, he may start school for a few months, we move and then he has no school to go to.

Is there somewhere like school that kids go to from the age of 4 in Austria? I'm worried that starting and stopping may be weird for him.

Anyone have any experience of doing something like this? How did the kids cope with it?

Secondly, when we move back to the UK, it may be that a younger sibling is aged 5 and hasn't started school yet in Austria, but is already a year behind UK school, so they'd join a UK school and always be behind. If there was a place in Austria that could bridge the gap from 4-6, it would help.

Any help much appreciated, I'm really struggling to work this one out!


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Most children in Austria attend Kindergarten by the time they are three years old. However, unlike many other countries, there is no legal requirement to send your child to Kindergarten. You are right, formal education in Austria does not start until the age of six, although some of the international schools have early learning classes for younger children.

Kindergartens broadly fall into two categories: State run (Öffentlich) or private. In the private sector there are many different “flavours” of Kindergarten, and choice might depend on your language requirements, hours of care, age of children accepted, and/or cost.

What area will you be moving to in Austria?

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