I am considering moving to villach

I am Kris. I am a design engineer in Los Angeles, USA. I am considering moving to villach, Austria with my wife and kids.  We are looking for advice and help with basic information regarding life and activities there.


Hi Kris,
I moved to Villach 4 months ago and it is a great place to live.Very safe for you and your family.
There are many outdoor activities to do in both winter and summer.Houses to buy are very good
value and cost of living is OK.

Let me know if I can help,


Hi Ian,

Many thanks for replying. The company is offering 75k gross. Is it good for a family with two kids (age 3 and 4)? Planning to send them to private play school which costs 300 per kid. My wife had a masters degree in computer science. She wants to work too but I am not sure if she can find one since Villach is a small place. Any advise?



75k seems pretty good for design engineer for Carinthian standards, but it also depends on any special expertise or experience you may have in the area they are looking for.  Considering they are hiring you in from the US there must be something in particular they are looking for that they can't find here.  Or did you work for the company already in the US?

What i found with expat assignments is that negotiating on the salary is tough, because typically the salaries in the US are already higher than anywhere else, and the salary is a more visible number that will get scrutinized by management or HR. 

Usually there is much more flexibility to negotiate on assistance or full coverage for the move, for the special schooling, accounting for your taxes, housing, or anything else 'soft'.  Another high value negotiation for you may be to get a job for your wife in the same company.  now you still have a chance to negotiate for it, when you are here, their incentive will be lower, and in general she will find it tough to find a job here with another company, I expect.

salary is typically gross, so you have to deduct Austrian taxes from it, which are significant.  but I think you build up credits that you can apply for future US taxes when you return to the US.  try to negotiate tax assistance, while maintaining the credits for yourself.  (my company paid the tax difference between US & Germany, but then also took the credits of course when I came back)

overall, net money will be less here, especially if you are used to a double income...  but the quality of life is amazing.  many outdoor things to do with the family in any season.  great travel & sightseeing in any direction.  and vacation time to enjoy them... (assuming you get Austrian holidays and not US holidays ;)  )

hi Ian my name is Dulce and I would like to get some advise. Iam an expat from Singapore and is having some opportunity now in Villach. I have no idea about average or asking salary in Villach Austria. Im holding a position of Senior Engr. Thanks


I am considering to re-allocate to Austria. Would prefer Villach. We are both working in investment banking (equities, portfolio management, restructuring), have 3 small kids and currently living in Prague, Czech Rep. May I ask you for any help, mainly with a suitable job opportunities around?



I would investigate thoroughly before moving. The Austrians are so backward , everything is difficult as an expat.
1: They are not keen on foreigners unless they are tourists
2: This is clear from the administration and visa process
3: Their rules are very ambiguous.
4: As an investment banker life will be altogether better  in Frankfurt, London, Geneva or Zurich
Good luck

Correct, but from live/working balance its better to be elsewhere than mentioned cities like London....

@Dulcedeborja hi, same I recently have applied and attended iv for process integration position in villach . Have you moved to Austria and are there any tips or sharing that u might want to share ?

@thinishaanishaa52 hello and welcome !

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