Weekday activities in Vienna

Leisure in Vienna
Updated 2019-10-31 11:51

Some might say that Vienna is tedious and slow. And in many ways, this is true, but to be fair, these are the reasons you are going to fall head over heels for this city. In Vienna, there is no such thing as a rush. It is not hectic. It is calm and relaxed.

You might have quite stressful office hours, but as soon as you close that door behind you, the tranquil vibe of the city will put an instant smile on your face.

Eating out in Vienna

Most people do not go straight home after work. Instead, they meet their friends, loved ones - or maybe soon to be someones in a bar or at a restaurant for dinner.

So even if you have to work until 5 pm, there is still plenty of time for you to enjoy the rest of the day. Restaurants usually serve food until 10 or 11 pm during the week and bars are open until 12 pm, or 1 am, some longer.

Gyms and fitness in Vienna

If you did not find time in the morning to keep your body in shape, you could still go to your gym or attend a yoga or pilates class after work. The majority of the studios do not close before 9 or 10 pm, and some are even open all night.

Museums, galleries and movie theatres in Vienna

Museums and art galleries are open Monday-Sunday from around 9 am to 9 pm. If they offer a special exhibition, opening hours might vary.

You can find many different cinemas either ones from the brand “Cineplexx” or smaller independent movie theatres. There are even two English cinemas. The most popular one is located in the 6th district, right at the famous Maria Hilfer Strasse, the big shopping street. It has been named after the Austrian composer Joseph Haydn - the Haydn Cinema. The other one's name is “Artis Cinema”, it is part of the Cineplexx Corporation and their only exclusively OV movie theatre in town!

Cultural activities in Vienna

Overall, Vienna is the place to be if you consider yourself an artsy person. Not only can you find countless museums but also theatres and music venues. One of the landmarks of Vienna is the beautiful Viennese Opera House. It houses world-famous opera singers like Anna Netrebko and takes its visitors back in time.

Enjoy a cultural evening in the “Burgtheater,” “Volkstheater,” or the less popular but equally talented ensemble of the “Raimund Theater,” or “Ronacher.”

You will find entertainment for the classical theatre lover as well as for musical fans. The program is continuously changing, so do not worry about not having enough variety.

Thermal baths in Vienna

For the colder months of November until March, you can also relax in one of the thermal baths that are close by the centre. The most popular one is the “Therme Oberlaa.” For your comfort, the city of Vienna extended the U1 metro line last year! Now you can quickly jump on the metro in the city centre and get off at the thermal bath within 20 minutes - if this isn't a reason to take some well-deserved time off!

Nature in Vienna

When the first rays of sunshine are making their way through the cold, grey, and cloudy winter skies, the entire city seems to wake up again from a very long sleep. Spring is probably the best time to be in Vienna. Everyone starts smiling, and people sit outside as soon as there is sunshine, and you can enjoy Vienna's countless options to spend time in nature. Long walks along the canal, sipping coffee or a beer after work in the hidden yard of the MQ, late afternoon swims at the River Danube for warmer days, or enjoy a drink on your balcony at home.

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