How to develop a professional network in Vienna

professional networking
Updated 2019-10-31 12:10

In one of our articles, we have explained how to make new friends and develop a social circle in Vienna. This one is slightly different as it concerns a more professional approach to making new business acquaintances and possible future business partners in Vienna.

Vienna has a quite strong reputation when it comes to various professional networks as many foreigners are living here or visiting the city regularly for business purposes.

Professional groups and clubs in Vienna

Over the last few years, many start-ups have been founded right here in Vienna, creating an international interest for the city. Especially for female founders, there is a broad network you can join and meet new people.

A top-rated network is called PWN - Professional Women's Network, which offers you a platform to easily connect with likeminded women. They host regular meetups and workshops you can attend.

Another one is the VIBC - Vienna International Business Club, which is a private and nonprofit organisation focused on English-speaking members. A membership will award you with regular seminars, presentations, and countless professional contacts to strengthen your business network

Meeting people within these kinds of clubs will give you the benefit of getting in touch with like-minded professionals like you, so you can share your ideas and create strong bonds that could lead to valuable connections in the future.

Networking websites

On, you can find not only precisely professional connections but also share other hobbies and interests to broaden your global network. They offer several categories where you can choose from, to find something accordingly to your needs.

At this point, we have to mention one more networking portal you should use. Eventbrite offers meetups and events in 170 countries, so the potential is sheer endless.

Another place to look out for events is Impact Hub Vienna. Not only will you find many entrepreneurs, freelancers, creatives, but also a really nice coworking space with regular workshops and all sorts of events.

Benefits of professional networking in Vienna

Networking is an art for itself, and not everyone knows how to handle it right so they can get the best possible outcome, just like in any other relationship you should not treat networking as a one-way street.

Nobody is going to be willing to share something of theirs with you if you don't give them anything in return. This doesn't necessarily have to be a lot. It could also be an introduction to someone you know that could be a possibly valuable contact for them.

Never take quantity over quality when it comes to networking; this is crucial for long-lasting relations.

Even your social network could carry much potential for meeting interesting people that can result in strong connections. Never underestimate your close surroundings.

Whenever it comes to networking, there exists the misleading belief that one has to go above and beyond to meet the right people. Take a look at your close friends, at their coworkers or acquaintances and friends of their friends. Someone you might have not even thought about probably knows the right person for your needs.

There are so many benefits of networking, and at the moment we meet someone we have little idea about how much energy and potential this connection could yield.

Maybe within one short conversation, you will get the right advice for a project you have been struggling with or meet someone that knows the right prospective investor to push your idea to the next level.

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