Finding a job in Vienna

My husband has a Bachelors Degree in English and Journalism. He also has a Masters in Teaching English. He is a former English teacher in the US and is trained for high school. What is the job situation for highly qualified expats?

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From my experience there are a lot of international companies and organisations in Vienna, notably the UN offices. My job in project management is only in English and French for example.

There a lot of language schools here in the city which look for native English speakers so that would be a good start if your husband wants to carry on with teaching!

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I am Arun From India. Can anyone tell me about the job prospects
on  masters in Intelligent Transport Systems.


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do you find your job in austria already?

hello everyone! I've been accepted into the University of Vienna for the LLM in International and European Business Law. I am Brazilian and live in the US. I wanted to know what is University of Vienna's reputation within the local society and if there would be many job opportunities within this field. My program is only one year long but I would like to extend my European stay. Any help is appreciated!

My husband did find a job.

@Cecibr- Just a word of warning. Austria is very strict when it comes to working (especially when you're not in the EU). They like to keep all the jobs within their own country and that's why they have such a low unemployment rate. If you apply for a job, they will try to get an Austrian or EU Member to fill the job first. If they can't, then you can have it. Here is the catch. It takes 4-6 weeks for this process to be completed. You are only allowed to apply for a work visa if you make a certain amount of money per month. I think it has to be at least 2500 Euro/mth for the Red White Red Card (RWR). In addition, you must pass a "test" to be allowed to have the RWR Card. This test gives you points based on your work experience, education, levels of German and English, etc... You can find all this information on the MA35 site. Hope that helps!

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Have you tried contacting any seniors from this course? They would have a better idea  about the job prospects.