Looking for a job in Vienna

Hi guys,

I'm planning to move soon to Vienna and I'm curently looking for a job.
The main problem is that I dont speak german, so by any chance do you have any idea where should I start looking for one? I speak fluently portuguese and english, I have my degree in International relations and I'm currently working in e-gaming.

Any tipp for your side is very welcomed smile

Thanks in advance for your support.

Best regards

Welcome on Expat.com Azores :)

I hope that other forumers will advise you soon ;)

Else, you can also try your luck by posting an advert on the Vienna Classifieds>Jobs.


Hi everybody!!! IŽm a mexican, and now i live in Vienna and I looking for some job, iŽm a tattoo artist but i also use to work in lot of other works, so i need to find some job soon, i speek english and spanish, if somebody know how can i do to get some job please let me know, ciao.

Hi and welcome on Expat.com Chester-Pacheco :)

What are those other experiences?
I would suggest you to post an advert in the jobs section of Vienna classifieds. It might help!

Good luck

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i am living in vienna and honestly if u dont know any German the chance of getting any good job is close to nill..as even if they need someone in english normally they require that u speak also the local language .so better start learning a abit online and do exercise to help you improve otherwise the only option will be to babysitting either in Portoguese or english..
Hope this helps..
good luck