Study and Part time job In Vienna

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I am from Nepal planning to move to Vienna for my Masters degree in Hospitality and Tourism management. So, I would be very pleased to know how is the the student life there in Vienna?? and how hard is it to find some part time jobs for basic German speaker for some pocket money, as I am a flair Bartender with some work experience.

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I am from Nepal, and planning to move to Vienna. I am concerned about the prospect of finding job there to support the living cost. Would be great if someone could share how difficult it is to find job in Vienna for international students. Thanks.

Hi ,I am a sudent from Hungary .I am starting my study in October 2013 in Vienna and would be interested in a part time job .Would be happy to get some help .Thank you in advance .

Hello, all. From my knowledge, including young persons / students who lived and worked in Vienna, you should have at least a basic knowledge of the German language, to get a job. In Bars & cafes,  can be found some part time jobs, but as well in other type of markets, you just have to look for. But German is pretty much a must and it's normal.

i am from Africa, i m looking for admission in one of the Universities in Vienna but i don't know how i can get it faster that's why i am asking for help here, i want to study Business Administration or Business Management please and please help me out. thanks