Czech Freelancer, Austrian / Vienna Client

Hello everyone,

Being a Non-EU Citizen, I have recently started working on Freelance basis in Prague, Czech Republic. I have found one good client from Vienna who wants to hire me for 1 year project on Freelance basis.

I have heard stories of many Czech  / Non Czech people who does business in this manner: where they charge the Client who might not be based in Czech Republic. Could someone please guide me on this?

Thanks in advance, and Looking forward to the reply.


Hi Meenakshi, welcome on Expat-blog! :)

I hope other members will be able to advice you.

I wish you good luck

Hello Meenakshi,
               I am from India living in Prague from April'11 and I am currently doing MBA in weekends and I need to work from monday to friday in week . can you guide me a direction in which mean I should approach as freelancer .
    Thanks in advance .


Jobs are no easy to find in Vienna.I am also a freelancer SEO.