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My name is Andra and I'm currently living in Romania. After visiting Vienna a few times, I've fallen in love with it. From its ambiance and culture to its people, I like everything about it. I'm a freelance digital marketing/SEO specialist (with a focus on copywriting). I have tried to find a job in Vienna, but most companies require the German language. I know that this question has been posted a few years ago by other members, but maybe things have changed since then.

Can someone recommend me some companies (including start-ups) in Vienna that hire English speakers? I consider other Austrian cities too. I also hold a fitness certification, so I have applied at Holmes Place and been there for an interview - they have selected me for the job, but never heard back from them.

Ideally, I would like to find a job in SEO, Internet marketing, advertising, or fitness. I have over eight years of experience, but I'm willing to start with an entry level job if needed. I simply don't know where to look for. I have used Linkedin, angel.co, startus, and other platforms, but my options are limited. I would really appreciate any suggestion! Thank you.

Things have not changed.  German is the language of Austria, and German is what you need to know to land a job there in many cases, not to mention socialize and integrate.  Since you said you love the culture and everything about Austria, well, the language is part of that.  Go learn it! :)

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Thanks for your reply. Yes, I'm aware of that and I have started to learn German a few months ago, but my language skills are basic at this point. I have noticed that more and more start-up companies and some multinational organizations are using English as their first language - especially in the IT niche because they target a global audience. This is why I'm asking this :)

Many companies you require to know both Languages and if you know any others even better, but German is a must Andra.

Yes German is quite important to finding a job here.

Have you tried the U.N.? Most offices there only require you to speak english.

I was lucky enough to find a job here with just english. My advice would be to apply to all the jobs you like which emphasise the english language. And take up some german lessons. :)

Thank you for the tip! No, I haven't checked U.N. yet. Are you talking about this website: careers.un.org/lbw/Home.aspx?

That's the one.

Here's another page for english jobs. http://www.thelocal.at/jobs/ .

Good luck!

I'm sorry, but what link do you suggest? I don't see any link. Thank you!

it's 'under review'. Try thelocaldotat under the jobs section.

www.thelocal.at is an online news platform and has a job section in it