IT companies in Vienna?


I've fallen in love with Vienna ever since a work-related 2004 trip. Now, after supervising one of my parents' devastating cancer treatment at the AKH, I have decided that I would like to best spend the most of my remainng time on this planet with my fiance -- and live, pay taxes and educate/raise my future children in a place that suits me (like Vienna).

So much for an introduction -- I am a US-educated computer programmer who speaks only "langsamer" German, but is prepared to take an intensive course if necessary. What is the best way to get job offers (particularly in IT) in Vienna? I have searched for IT hirings in English, without much success. What are some good job sites?

Hi Danny,

without knowing anything further about your experience and qualifications - IT is a very wide field - I recommend you to visit web sites of large international companies. The advantage is that there is no language barrier as most of them communicate in English - certainly also in German :-) There you usually find links to available job offers. IBM, HP, Siemens, SAP etc are just a few to name.

Best luck and regards, Petra

OK, thanks Petra. Someone else (off-line) suggested "trolling" ONU jobs, with the same language-barrier motivation...

my husbands and I have fallen in love with Vienna's lives. We want to relocate to live there. My husband also wants to find a job in Vienna about IT jobs, however, we see all the international companies such as IBM still requires German fluent. My husband speaks conversational German proficiency, it looks like so hard to get a job in Vienna without fluent German. Does anyone have better ideas?

In your case, since your husband speaks conversational German already, would it be possible to take an intensive German course? Does he currently work for a multinational (in that case it be a simple transfer once he has language mastery)?