Looking for a part-time job in Vienna, that requires No German

Hello, Everyone! I moved to Wien 3 weeks ago and am a student at Modul University. I speak no German for now, and I really need to find ANY part-time (flexible hours and mostly on weekends) job. My skills include communication, knowledge in sales and other. I am looking for any type of job, from events security guard to helping at a hotel or a restaurant. Looking for something for 20-25 hours per week, not very pretentious on salary. Please give me any advice or websites or any help! Thank you veeeery much.

Have a look at unijobs.at or studentjob.at. But I dont know how it works out without German at all....

Hi if you send me an email. [email protected] i could help you. Best regards, Lisa Insole

Hi Lisa insole > any more information? Are you offering a job?

Thank you.

where are you from?? I know that bilingual Schools are frequently looking for English native Speakers as Child-minders for afternoon-freetime or whatever. They most probably will not take anybody with an Accent...