Americans teaching English

Hi all!

  I am looking to teach English in Austria, however I have heard that it can be difficult for an American to get work. What are some options for me? I can tutor. Are there private language institutes? Can my employer sponsor me for a work visa? I have only heard wonderful things about Vienna!

I am a teacher in Austria, at a private American School.  I am British.

You will find it hard to find a job in the public sector, because they want native Austrians and it will be difficult if you do not have fluent German. 

I would suggest the best way, is to teach privately, put a card up somewhere, or in the local paper.

You could apply to the American Schools in the country, but unless you have a Masters then it will be hard for you.  That is not just for Americans, it is for any nationality. 

If a school accepts you, then they will sponsor you and you will have limited leave to remain, as in the length of your contract.  This will mean that you're unable to claim any benefits, say you had a contract over 9 months, which is a school year in private schools. 

Best I can advise is have a look at the International Schools online and see what they have as in vacancies.  Time for recruitment is now, but be warned, it can be hard to get in.  There may be other areas that you can work in such as pastoral care in the International School sector, (which are more than likely to be boarding schools). 

Best of luck.

Just curious, why Austria?  Nothing bad or anything, but it's a small country and the advice above is really good.  A colleague of mine got "offered" a job to teach English because he was planning on moving from Cali to be with his GF, but they would NOT sponsor him which I thought was weird because it's not a huge job to get a visa one wants to do it, but I think they don't want to go through the effort of proving info on why they can't find another skilled person within the EU to teach English.

I got here because my friend owned a company and I wanted to travel and experience new things, so he got me here.   He's now in America and I decided to stay here.

Anyway, I digress...I am assuming by your username that you do not have your teaching degree or am I wrong?  You're just talking about plain old ESL or something right?  not like high school teaching?   Put it this way..if you want to teach's not super hard to find work...but to get a visa..that's a WHOLE other story..

If you want to backpack and teach English to make money..I am sure there are people that would pay you under the table, but that's as far as you're gonna go without a visa.  Once you get are pretty much set.  I now have permanent residency, but thinking about working back home..haha..

If you need more info, just ask.