Jobs in Vienna for English speakers?

Hi all!

I would like to ask if it's possible to find a medium to well paid job in Vienna with only limited German proficiency. I am of course actively learning German language, but let's be honest - it will take months or years until I will be able to use it actively in professional line of work, so I would first rely only on English.

I currently work in a banking/finance sector as a process / IT analyst (software testing, IT architecture planning, project leading and coordination) and I would like to remain in this kind of field.

Thank you in advance for all your replies!


My wife and I have traveled for many years to Austria with only a single break now since 2014.  We are hoping to return in October 2018.

As a result, I have done a lot of research into the requirements for working in Austria as I was interested in working there as a software engineer.  And though I would have moved to this beautiful country at the drop of a hat, my wife was hesitant with her friends being here in the States.

From my research I have found that unless there is a specific need for an English speaking employee in an Austrian company, such opportunities are very limited for new residents who do not speak German.  However, some may consider you if you can show that you are actively learning the language.

The best avenue to take is with the international firms, which have operations in Vienna, specifically the ones that are from other English speaking nations.  If you bank with Bank Austria Creditanstalt, they can help with obtaining lists of the foreign corporations operating in Vienna.

I believe Austria also has a small Tech Startup Community, which may not be as restrictive as the larger firms.

To add to your German studies there should be courses also available that are specifically for those who need to learn German for the business environment.

I hope these notes help...

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