The labour market in Vienna

Updated 2019-10-31 13:23

Vienna has become an economic powerhouse over the past years and offers many exciting career opportunities. Almost a quarter of the total Austrian population is residing in Vienna, including 230,000 foreign employees in 2018.

Economy and unemployment in Vienna

The economy has steadily grown within the past few years, and experts say it will most likely increase by 1,5% in 2019 and 1,6% in 2020.

Compared to many other European cities though, Vienna still has a moderate unemployment rate amongst young people (up to 25 years old) of 11,6%. Slightly higher is this rate with 12,5% considering people over 50 years. A recent forecast from the Institute for Advanced Studies Vienna has shown that the domestic demand should be quite robust and the unemployment rate should stay about the same.

It is not surprising that so many foreign people come to Vienna seeking a new job opportunity, as it counts to the ten wealthiest regions amongst Europe. The city secures 25% of the gross national product. In the second quarter of 2019, a ranking listed Austria as number 24 under 50 named GDP countries.

Promising fields in Vienna

You will find most jobs in Vienna in the service sector, and overall employment growth is expected in healthcare, social services, and the tourism sector.

A recent elevation has shown that it is essential for employees to have soft skills like social/personal and strong communication skills. Companies expect their employees are working in a way that is customer-focused, willing to work a flexible schedule, and can handle stressful times.

Strong language skills, especially in English, German, and also Slavic languages, are expected. You are also advised to have a specification in either quality management or project management and also psychological expertise if you are looking for a job in healthcare.

People seeking a job in the business or finance sector should probably have all of the attributes mentioned above and also technical knowledge like SAP or e-business skills.

Accordingly to the high demand for international people wanting to find a job in Vienna, the city has created a centre for expats. It serves as a first information point for newbies in town that are looking for some advice and help.

Wages in Vienna

The salary you can expect varies depending on the field you are working in. For a better overview, visit “Salaryexplorer.

Contract and work permit

But first things first! Before worrying about terms like GDP and unemployment rate, you should figure out what type of employment you are looking for and what kind of permit is required for it. Many online portals can help you find the right job for you (stepstone, der Standard, Monster, Wiener Jobs, Public Employment Service)

If you are going to need a work permit or not is depending on your country of origin, your permanent residence, occupation, qualification and also the period you want to work in Vienna. If you have any EU passport, including Switzerland, you do not have to apply for a visa or work permit, as constituted within the EU regulations.

This is not the case for you? Then the easiest way for you to get accepted is by having a contract before coming to Vienna, or you are highly qualified. Another possibility is to obtain a so-called six-month visa for job seekers who want to move to Vienna and start looking for a position here.

Count in around two months for the overall application process. After this, you can actively start hunting for your dream job, and you can also apply for a regular working visa!

Find more information on Austria's Immigration website.

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