How can I find a job in Autria?

Hi one and all
Can any one advise me how should I refresh my search for finding a job here in Wien? Regards
J Antoney

Hi jobiez! Maybe you should try the Austria classifieds > job.

Good luck.

You could try Habitat for Humanity, World Bank, UN/UNICEF or just do a search for "NGO Austria" might find something?  Maybe try to get a place in the Peace Corp.  Where are you from?


I plan to move to Vienna, Austria and I look for jobs. I am a French national but I am currently living in Thailand now. I speak the following languages fluently: English, French, Thai, Lao, and Vietnamese. I used to be an ESL teacher. I am about learning basic German conversation at the moment. I may be interested in working at any Vietnamese or Thai restaurants. Anyone can help me get any job information classifieds in Vienna, Austria? I really appreciate your help in this matter.