Sports and fitness in Vienna

climbing in Vienna
Updated 2023-07-30 13:29

Not only has Vienna many cultural highlights to offer but also many recreational facilities and countless options to keep your body in shape. Learn about the various sports activities you can indulge in during your free time in Vienna

Hiking and trails in Vienna

You can go hiking in the Viennese forests (Wienerwald), ride your bike across the city, go inline skating along the River Danube, or go for a swim in the Old Danube and one of the public swimming pools.

For action junkies, Vienna offers mountain biking trails and treetop climbing roots where you can get your dose of adrenaline. Especially mountain biking has become one of the most popular activities over the last few years.

Seven different trails lead you through the beautiful and leavy forests around the city. The variety of routes has possibilities for any ability and level, so surely everyone will find their perfect path. At the Hohe Wand, you can find the newly founded mountain bike center with three routes to offer. The range includes trails for beginners and advanced athletes.

Climbing in Vienna

Even enthusiastic climbers will find their happy place even within the city. Near the Mariahilfer Strasse, you can find one of six historic anti-aircraft towers (Flakturm) that were built across town during WW2 to defend the city against airstrikes. The flak towers were constructed with such immense solidity that demolishing them has proven to be a formidable task. Consequently, the city has repurposed one of these towers for recreational activities such as climbing, as well as hosting the "Aqua Terra Zoo."

You can choose between 20 different climbing routes and enjoy a captivating view over the entire city center at 34 meters altitude when reaching the top. That same building also houses the “Haus des Meeres” which is a Zoo with a focus on marine life.

Be aware that this spectacular climbing wall is only open from April to October!

In winter, you can find several indoor climbing centers, including the biggest indoor climbing hall in the entire country.

Another action-packed adventure is the 380-meter-long flying fox that you can find at the Donaubrücke and its so-called Spiderrock XL building.

Water sports in Vienna

If you are into water sports, especially surfing, you have the chance to shred over the waters of the Danube at the wakeboard lift, which is next to the Donaubrücke.

Another highlight is the CityWave-project, where you can enjoy actual waves. Their motto is to create their waves if there aren't any! Just sit and watch or take a private lesson to get comfortable on your board! City surf par-excellence!

In recent years, there has been a growing presence of stand-up paddlers (SUP) on the waters of the Danube in Vienna. It is now possible to rent SUP boards, pedal boats, or electric boats to enjoy a leisurely ride on the old Danube.

Furthermore, if you have a preference for experiencing water in its frozen state, you can delight in winter days at one of the numerous picturesque outdoor skating rinks available in the city.

Flying over Vienna

If you are a fan of flying try out the wind tunnel at Windobona and get your adrenaline boost in the wind speeds up to 280 km/h. The experience is suited for every level!

Parks in Vienna

That sounds a bit too scary for you? No problem! Vienna offers its inhabitants many beautiful parks where you can go for a run after work, take long walks or take your skateboard and glide along the canal. Finish your day with a refreshing beer at one of their bars conveniently located right at the Donaukanal.

Golf and tennis in Vienna

For anyone interested in golf, Vienna has some pretty decent golf clubs, most of them open to anyone, even non-members. One club is located very close to the city center at the “Wienerbergpark”; others are a bit further outside but still within fast reachability.

Vienna is an ideal destination for tennis enthusiasts. The city boasts numerous tennis courts, including those located in Vienna Prater, providing ample opportunities for tennis enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite sport. Additionally, Vienna is home to many internationally renowned tennis coaches who offer professional training and guidance.

Furthermore, for those interested in padel tennis, a relatively new and popular racquet sport, a large padel tennis hall has recently opened in Vienna, providing another exciting avenue for tennis lovers to explore.Gyms and yoga in Vienna

Of course, you can also find countless gyms that offer monthly rates starting at 25€ up to more than 200€ in rather high-end studios.

For all the yogis there are plenty of studios across the city that teach different styles for all levels.

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