Sports and leisure activities in Wien.

My girlfriend is close to a public swimming pool which is great because I like swimming, and the Austrian's do the whole swimming pool thing better than the British (I'm from London originally).

I'm also interested in the occasional football game. What's the easiest way to get a 5 a side or 7/8 a side match going in Wien? Any suggestions? Remember, I don't speak German at all well yet!

Not sure how to get a game organised mate but Id be interested in playing too. Let me know how you get on

OK, I guess that's two of us...

I have an acquaintance in Wien who plays football, I'll ask him and see what happens!

I just relocated to vienna and swim for fitness but have been unsuccessful in finding a good indoor pool.  Any advice on where I can find an indoor pool at least 25m in length that I can join/public fee...I would greatly appreciate, especially if close to a u-station.  Thank you!

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