Going out in Vienna

Hi there,

Which are your 10 favorite places to go out in Vienna?

Which places would you recommend to newcomers? (restaurants, pubs, discos, theaters, cinemas, concert halls...)


and the anwsers ... ? :lol:


if you're new in vienna and you wanna go out at night, stay away from the "bermuda dreieg", that's a place with bars near schwedenplatz and it's not a good option. i'd say hit the "gürtel", there is a lot going on in that area.

chelsea is one of my favorite bars in vienna. cafe leopold is also good, you can enjoy some nice coffee during the day and dance during the night. it has two floors and they have concerts and DJs on the first floor.

"prater sauna" is also good if you like electronic music.

cinemas - if just go to any movie theater to watch a movie, chances are you'll watch it dubbed in german. there are however a few theaters where you can watch films in their original language, such as "haydn the english cinema"

I'm with Freud on this one :) Bermuda Triangle (Das Bermuda Dreieck) is a tourist trap filled with teenagers.

Gürtel is much better, get off at Thaliastraße, take the exit Thaliastraße, just cross the street and then there zou find one bar and club after another. Loop is nice and have good clubs with live gigs with no few like DogDisco:


Wir geben engagierten Bands/Künstlern eine Bühne und das bei freiem Eintritt! Hinkommen und abtanzen!

1x pro Monat
2 livebands
freier Eintritt
im Loop (Wien, U6 Thaliastr.)

There are also many nice pubs like Shebeens (8th District), Down Under (5th Ditrict I think..)

Wirr in the Burggasse (7th District, not far from the Volkstheater and MQ) has a nice bar upstairs and a small club downstairs.

And concerning cinemas, many of the bigger cinemas actually show some movies in original language sometimes (it is marked OmU = original with subtitles), but of course Haydn is the best way to go.. I like the Apollo Cinema close to Mariahilferstraße.

I fell in love with BELLARIA KINO...soo "retro" and vintage! :-)
You feel like being back in the 50s!
and great alternative moovies!

I usually go to Chelsea club......

Moving around city center is also good option

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