Squash Clubs?


I've just recently moved to Vienna from the UK and I'm desperately trying to find a decent squash club to join. Can anyone recommend one to me?

I know there are a few gyms around with squash clubs but so far I haven't found a proper club, or a gym with a league system.

Are there any out there?!

Please let me know. I live in central Vienna, so wouldn't be a problem travelling a little way.

Many thanks in advance.


Try Manhattan Club, it's in 19 district and it's really good. A lot of expats are training there, especially peple from UN and other international organisations are there (they get special rates, I believe). They have all sorts of interesting stuff there, it's really worth spending money, go and see :-)

Hi fawleysplace,

Did you already find a proper Squash club?
I really like to go to Club Danube (http://www.clubdanube.at/cd_index.php?P=4&Nav=a2)
They have locations in Vienna, the prices are good (with Club Card is even cheaper) and the courts are good. Opening hours in summer are ok, but in winter ideally.

Have fun!

did you find a club with a league etc?

did you try either of the suggestions given?

many thanks,

Alex why don't you visit one of the clubs listed here, follow the links?

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