restaurants in Vienna

Does anyone know any good restaurants in Vienna? A friend and me want to go to a restaurant where the food quality is good and not too expensive. I’m open to all kind of cuisine (although my favourite is Japanese, Indian and Hungarian cuisine and I also can’t say no to a good pasta or steak) but I’m happy to try anything.
Any experience? Any suggestions? thanx

Hello enter0303

Hope that soon enough some members will be able to give you some nice tips where to find good restaurants. It would be just great if you could recommend them in our business directory so that other members can benefit from this useful info too.

>>Restaurants in Vienna <<

Kenjee Team

I like Austrian home cooked food with some nice Austrian wine.

A list can be found here for Vienna and the whole of Austria too.

ok.thanks Kenjee. will do

Thanks SimCityAT! This looks great. Did you try a lot of them? Which one is your favourite?

Hey fellow Japanese Cuisine enthusiast! There are lots of Japanese Restaurants here in Vienna :)

yeah. I heard YUME is really good. Have you ever tried it?
Which do you recommend?

I think I havent heard of that before :D
There are still a lot of Japanese Resto here to check out.
I want to go in Kuishimbo, I have heard a lot of good feedbacks about it.
I often go to Mochi with friends but its quite pricey. I've been to Sakai
for Brunch. I actually have no idea which one is good LOL. So I try
to look for a resto with Japanese chefs.

I tried Sakai with a friend. It was great:) Thank you for the tip Drak Passenger

No biggie. You might want to check Mochi in Praterstrasse 2. It might not be authentic but its good too.

The best japanese restaurant in Vienna is "EBI". Fresh, NO buffet, and no Running Sushi, but all you can eat.

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