Looking to meet people interested in hiking, biking, etc

Hi fellow expats
I have recently moved to Vienna for a new job and will be here most of the next 6 months. I am looking to meet people who might be interested in outdoor activities in and around Vienna. Hiking, biking, etc.

Drop me a note if you are interested ... I live in the 2nd district and we can get together to coordinate.


Hi Sandeep!

Welcome to Expat.com!


Hello Sandeep,

If you are on Facebook, take a look at this group:


Kind regards.

Hi Emma,

Can you please give more details about the group and a little introduction about you would be great?

Thank you,

Thanks Emma.

Hello Christine,

I have written a little introduction about myself on my profile. :D

I don't run the group but I have joined their Facebook page. I am hoping to join them on their walk in Vienna on Saturday if the weather holds up but it is not looking hopeful! Weather forecasts can change though so fingers crossed. :/

Kind regards.

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