Cost of living and life standarts in Villach, Austria

Hello everyone. Im a senior engineer and just about to accept a job offer. So we may move to Villach very soon with my wife and our baby. My wife will be taking care of our daughter, therefore there will be only me who will work for now. At that point, I have some concerns. if anyone can give me some info; it will be so enlightening for me to firm up our decision.

What an average salary should be to have economically a life with no hussle? Like for a family of there, how much should I make a month in gross to have a good balanced life.

Secondly, we don't know speaking German, but very eager to learn definetly. But until we learn, do you think it will be enough speaking English. How is the approach of the society in Villach? For example in Holland, it is super easy to have a quite good life with only English, people are very warm and tolerant for non-speakers.

And the last question, how is the life for kids, safety, education, racism and so?

Thank you very much for your support and I will be very appreciated for any feedback.

Welcome to the forum.

As a starting point, try for living costs.

A Google search should come up with salary needs etc.

Perhaps read other posts here too.

Hey stumpy,

Thank you. I've made many search online, but information are different from eachother. So nothing is like to listen to the other people's real life experiences. Plus, here on the forum, there is no enough up to date info about that topic. Do you live in Villach?

Austria is one of the safest countries in Europe so ideal to bring up a family. You are paid 14 months in Austria, double pay in the Summer and double pay in at Christmas.


hello, thanks for sharing your experiences. It is so precious to me. What about using English at start of that journey?

hello, thanks for sharing your experiences. It is so precious to me. What about using English at start of that journey?

In Austria, you can get buy with just English in larger and tourist towns. But if you try and make an effort to speak German they are more welcoming but if they see you struggle they more than likely switch to English.

I live in Lower Austria in a small town and I get by without speaking German although I do understand it.

Food shopping is the hardest thing you will find, so I would get to know the words. There are some good books out there.


Thank you. Sorry for bothering again. I found some info over numeo, but would like to consult you also. What do you think of what the proper salary range which will be enough for a family of three ( with a baby) for a balanced life, with no hussle?

You cover alot of territory with your questions.   Your costs of living are 20%+ lower than in a bigger Austrian city... but Villach has

Less to offer.   Your wife should investigate Deutsch lessons but the dialect is different vs. GERMANY.   Expect quiet living,  polite people and curiously backward modes of communication... face-to-face is the MO.  In your professional environment, English is the language of business, not so for those living at home .


Thank you very much for all the info. I wish you the best.


thank very much for all the info Gahatley. Yes, me and my wife are very eager to learn German. We would love to adopt to society asap. But for now my main concern is if my salary as a senior engineer  will be enough to live well in Villach.


Hi I would be happy to answer all your questions if needed. I live in Austria since I was born and I am working as a tax adviser and payroll accountant. So I can also help you with minimum age and what to expect in certain areas and of course the cost of living.

Feel free to write me if you need any help :)