Salary in Villach

Hi all, sorry I didnt find anything with the search engine. A company wants to hire me in Villach and I would move to Austria. Now my question is, they offer me 60-65k/yr. Is that enough for family with 2 kids to live in Villach?

Thanks guys, any help is appreciated...


Do you know how much you get after tax??

+/- 40K?


40 K should be be sufficient.
I now live in Germany and I might move to Villach too. Probably to the same company :).

In Germany education is free in public schools and the company takes care of the health insurance for your wife and kids. The situation is the same in Austria.

If you like pm me. we could talk more in detail.

Me and my husband live in The Netherlands, and got a job offer in Villach. We feel the salary offered is low. Its 46,000/yr gross and net per year is 29,730. Net in hand per month is roughly 2000.
is that ok for 2 of us? Hows the cost of living there?
any reply is of good help to us :) thanks...

nati.mbl, did you take the offer? I would be quite interested to know.

I'm considering an offer to move there (probably same company as well :) )