Best mobile phone provider in Austria/contracts with mobile phone

Have done some research on the existing mobile phone providers in Austria.
Could anyone recommend a good mobile phone provider in Austria? Best deals?
Suggestions highly appreciated.
Thank you!

Hello again mckossich,

I am with Drei Mobile.

I pay €20 a month, and have 400 mins talk time to the EU, 1000 and SMS in Austria and the EU, 4000 mins talk time in Austria. Unlimited data.

Now having a quick look they seem not to do that tarriff anymore. It was a SIM only package, where it was my phone and just popped in the SIM card in.

All the providers pretty much do the same packages give or take. It really does depend on what you want out of your phone?

T Mobile

As I have family in the UK and Europe its good that I can make free calls there, I like unlimited data so I can listen to internet radio, view websites without the worry of going over.

The supermarkets are doing their own telephones now, but they are using A1 (Telecom Austria) network.

All the ones I've said are the main ones, there are some smaller providers.

If you tell me what you require I can look for you. But I have provider links for you, all you need to do is click on the network.



Dear Simon,
Thank you for your answer.
That's very informative.
Feeling a bit lost with all the offers.

Well, I need to sign-up for a new phone contract, which preferably includes an i-phone.
I mainly use What's up (that's what we do in Asia).
People don't tend to speak to each other much here via the phone.
It's all via What's up.

Don't know how this is in Austria.

Of course I will also need make lots and lots of calls at the beginning, mainly in AT and therefore require loads of free minutes.

When I was in Europe I usually used my Singapore phone and signed up for free roaming over here at a flat fee for Euro 10/day to save on Roaming costs.

Thank you so very much.

Best regards,