Making phone calls in Austria


When settling in Austria, one of the priorities is to be able to make phone calls.

How to proceed to get a landline installed in Austria?

What are the mobile operators?

What is your average monthly budget?

Thank you in advance for sharing your experience,


a landline should be provided by the landlord in each Apartment in Vienna. Otherwise you just get in contact with Telekom Austria and they will most probably install it for you for free if you subscribe. Landlines here can also be used for watching cable TV an using the Internet. The competition is UPC, same applies: should be there when you move in, will be installed on minor cost or for free with a subscription and usable for phone, fax, Internet, TV.

usually you will use your iPhone for most of the Services. Check cost at many Websites such as:

on most occasions it will be cheapest to get a S-Budget-Starter package from the Interspar/Eurospar/Sparmarket and then find out how much you use. I always wait for the Christmas offers of all competitors. Bob (available at Billa/Merkur/A1) and Hot (available at Hofer) offer very competitive packages on prepaid Cards as well as on contracts. If you Need to finance a new I-phone you might consider to take out a contract with one of the more expensive competitors - but be sure to check out the hidden annual Service cost or subscription fees!!

There are several phone companies running mobile networks including A1, the national phone company, T Mobile, and rock bottom price networks run by Aldi/Hofer supermarket, and Yess, just to mention some. Fixed phone lines or land lines can be supplied by various companies too. Depending where you are located there are also cable link companies which supply phone and tv signals in special packages. If going for TV too, you will need to also pay the GIS subscriptions, or if they find you out, there may be a large fine to pay. Includes computers which can receive TV signals as well.

We have internet via A1 and phone line 23 euro but only in coming calls, very expensive here use! I use Skype and iPhone on hot which is Hofer maybe known to you as Aldi the contract phones are a con I think

People with friends and family in the EU can  go for the SIM only (if you have a phone already) from Drei (3), which includes free minutes within the EU. I pay 15 Euro a month for 1000 free minutes  within Austria, 300 free minutes in the EU (to and from EU countries, even when I am in another EU Country than Austria, hence there is no roaming) and 2GB Internet. To sign up with a operator, you will need an austrian Meldezettel, showing that you are registred at an austrian adress.

[at]Mimie: I believe you are one of the lucky ones who have an old contract that presently cannot be bought any more in Austria! But - who cares much in times of WhatsApp, Viber and Skype...

by the way: is everybody Aware that this is the effort of a "moderator" to Keep comments coming in? I only realized after my first answer. I do not think that we are dealing with any real question here and I have to say it does snub me a bit...

If you buy a Three uk simcard from the UK, you can use the booster deal to ensure mobile costs from Austria to UK are the same as UK to UK. Technically this is only supposed to be for temporary visits to Austria but it's been working for 6 months so far for me

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