Help needed from ex pat living in Austria


Just wondering if there are any British ex pats living in Austria that could help me with this issue that I have.
I have just bought a second hand iPhone 6 Plus with 3 Austria as the carrier. I have been unable to unlock it to use with any uk SIM cards.

I am also unable to activate it on iTunes. 3 uk are also unable to unlock it. I am being told that I must get it unlocked via 3 Austria.

I know that it's original carrier was austria orange who amalgamated with 3.

Now, my problem is, is that I live in the uk, am unable to speak German, and have no contact details for 3 Austria to get this phone unlocked.
Is anyone able to give me their contact no please inc dialling code from the uk. Or better still, let me know if there is a simple way to unlock it.

Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated.



Welcome to the Forum Aud :)

Before we try the Austrakn avenue, have you tried any other mobile shop in the UK that offer the service to unblock phones. The normal charge use to be roughly £10, but this was a while ago. Try that then get back to us and will try and help you.


SimCityAT Expert Team


Thank you for reply. I have not yet tried the uk mobile sites, but I will try them. I tried to get an unlock code online, but the companies I tried were unable to get this, stating that I needed to contact the carrier Austria 3 to unlock the phone.

Hi Again

Well I rang a mobile provider here in the uk. They were unable to unlock the phone. I managed to skype Austria 3 on tel no 43 660 303030.

Got a bit further, and she spoke English which helped me. However she told me that I need to go to a 3 shop in Austria to unlock my phone. I have replied that I am in England, and unable to do this.

Does anyone have the phone no for a 3 shop in Austria that I could ring please? Hopefully they will do this over the phone.


I have to ask you why have you bought a phone with from another country network? I have given you my answer?

Now unless you plan to move to Austria I can no longer help.


I bought another phone on another country's contract because the price was good, and I thought that I could easily get it unlocked.

I did not realise the difficulty in achieving this. But that's probably why the price was good.

I only asked for a solution from any British ex pats. I took your advice and it did not work.


A 10 second Google search yielded this: … -unlocking

Even though I'm not British. maybe it's useful?  :happy:

Romaniac Experts Team

Hi Romanian

Thank you for that link to that website, I have applied to have it unlocked from that site at a cost of £19.99.

It looks, and I keep my fingers crossed a legitimate site. There were a lot of dodgy sites, and the ones I tried that seemed okay, were unable to help.

However this looks like an austria 3 site, so i'm Hoping it will work. I'll let you know. May have to wait a couple of days before I know if it's successful or not.

Thank you for your help


Sorry typo. Should read Romaniac

Hi Romaniac

Well this site is s scam. They took the £19.99, and are now asking for a further £79.99 to unlock this phone,

Does anyone know of any 3 shops in Austria please? As this will be the only way I can unlock this phone,.


Call Drei Mobile, they do speak English. I know they do as I am with them and have called in the past and spoke English.

Or message them on Facebook if you are on it?


I spoke to Drei mobile on 660 303030 via Skype in English.

However they told me that I need to visit one of their 3 shops in Austria.

I told them that I was in England, but she just kept repeating that I need to visit their shop, which is why i've Asked if anyone has a phone no for one of the 3 shops?

If I speak to a 3 shop in Austria directly I may be able to get this phone unlocked.



Thank you Simcity. I have just messaged what I think is a 3 shop in Austria via Facebook. I put Drei mobile in the Facebook engine, but nothing came up under that name, however a 3 shop came up.

Just awaiting their reply.

The only direct phone number I have found is as follows

Address: Alser Str. 27, 1080 Wien, Austria
Hours: Open Monday - Saterday 10am–6:30pm (CET)
Phone: +43 660 6991054

All other shops have the same number as you have already posted.

Good luck

Hi Simcity

I rang the no you gave me, and the man who answered spoke English, but told me that he was a store and was unable to help. He then gave me the 3 no 0660 30 30 30, who I had originally spoke to.

I did not realise that this would be so difficult. A 3 shop on Facebook in Austria by the name of Ried I.l just quoted me 170€, stating that this is their fixed price from 3 and Apple!

3Osterreich from the 3SocialMedia-Team is now trying to help me.

I know that if you want to change providers and keep the same number by EU rules the original provider has to honour this. Now, this is normally if its in the same country and done free of charge.

Example if you have a UK O2 number and want to change to Virgin etc..
I don't know what else to say.

Where about do you live, what city/town in the UK?

Hi Simcity
I'm from Greenwich in London.

Good news.  A lovely lady called Eva from the 3Social media-team at 3Osterreich has said that she will help me.

She has emailed her team my imei code in order to get it unlocked for me.

Facebook is brilliant.

I will keep you updated.

Good stuff

Hi Simcity

Hooray, my phone is now unlocked by Eva. And it was done for free. Thank you everyone for all your help. A handy tip I found out on the way was that gmail also has google translate. Helped me translate an email I received in German from three.

And don't trust some of the online unlocking sites.

Regards Audrey

I use Google Chrome and translates everything on my computer and phone. Very useful in deed.

Sorry to revive an old post but my comment might save someone from being duped.  The previously mentioned is no good, they keep your money hostage  and try to extort more money from you. They scammed so many people.   I can recommend these trustworthy websites for phone unlocking instead:

I hope that helps someone

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