Transportation from the airport to city center

I see several modes of transportation from the airport to down town. I am in no hurry and will have a bulky back pack under my arm.
Which would be the simplest way ( and inexpensive) to travel from the airport?

The train is your answer, 15 minutes and 3.90 Euro.  Leaves from the airport terminal and gets you to the main train station in Vienna, where you can connect to anywhere you need to go.

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Thank You Romantic.
Yes I will take the train, no doubt there will be information at the main station regarding where to go from there .
I'm going to enjoy riding trains and all those cool things you have there . Here we are very backward still.
When I was a kid ( and teenager ) it wasn't all that unusual here to see someone  riding a horse downtown . I have done it myself several times.
Thanks for the tip about the hotel at the airport.

It's very simple to travel from the airport to the Vienna, the train will arrive in Wien Mitte-Landstraße Bahnhof. The train journey takes about 30 minutes, you, of course, take the CAT, which is more expensive but faster and does not stop at all the station in between.

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Thanks !

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