Villach - public transport

Hello everyone!

Is there anyone who lives in Villach or knows city well? I have some questions considering public transport.

Can you buy ticket on bus or on some special stores? Is there any plastic card type ticket where you can load money for several travels for example a week or a month?
How does ticket looks like, maybe a picture :) ??

Thank you in advance.

Where are u from

Go to the local tourist information centre and they'll point you in the right direction for most things.  I got their email address from the Lonely Planet. Their website gives the following street address (even though LP suggested it apparantly was relocating to Bahnhofstrasse in 2008)...

Rathausplatz 1,
A-3500 Villach
T +43(0)4242 / 205-1888, F +43(0)4242 / 205-1899
E [email protected],
Werben auf

It seems a great transport hub to Italy and Slovenia as well as a great base for exploring lakes, beaches and beauty spots.
Good luck with it

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