Living, traveling with dogs in Vienna

Hi, all -- I'm considering a possible job in Vienna. Along with the family, we'd be bringing our two dogs. Can anyone help with these questions:
How dog-friendly is Vienna in general? Austria? Can dogs go on public transportation? Is it more difficult to rent an apartment if you have dogs? Do owners tend to charge higher rents and deposits? Is it easy to travel on inter-city trains with dogs? Any special concerns we should be aware of?
Our two dogs are medium-sized rescued mutts (one 15 kilos, the other 20), and have traveled with us to 16 countries on four continents, so far...

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traveling with dogs can be difficult at time...but europe in general is very dog friendly, hope you have no probs, usualy they don't charge more for rent with pet.

Vienna is very dog friendly, some say it's friendlier towards dogs than to children :) There are "Dog zones" in the city where you can let them play. You should pick up after them or you can get a fine, but many ignore this.

It's no problem to take them on the subway, you just need to have them on their leash and use a muzzle. Again - Many ignore this but I think it is a good way to show respect, even if your dogs aren't dangerous (a person who is afraid of dogs might still think so :) It is also possible to travel on trains with animals, I just think you need to sit in a special waggon (out of respect towards allergic people)

You should clear with the landlord that you have dogs, some don't want animals in their appartments but mostly it is no problem. They can't charge you more for it as far as I know.

Oh, one more thing - if the dogs are so called "fight dogs" or mixed breeds with "fight dog" in them (american stafford shire, pitbull etc, there is a list) you need to get a "dog (divers) license". Meaning you have to take a little "exam" showing that you have your animal under control.

There have been some issues with dog attacks and a lot of people getting strong dangerous dogs, without the knowledge you should have in order to have this kind of animal.

Thanks again for the advice.
My dogs aren't big or dangerous -- the only risk to strangers is that they'll lick you. But I know what you mean. As a dog owner, it has always bugged me when other dog owners are irresponsible. It makes things tougher for all of us when people don't pick up after their pets (and I've gotten lots of stares in places where that isn't the norm, when bystanders see me carefully scooping up the poop in a plastic bag).
Likewise, I always muzzle them on public transit -- again, more to keep strangers from getting distressed than because the dogs would actually do anything.

Vienna is great for dogs!!! I have two and I can go almost everywhere with them: restaurants, shopping centers (but not in shops that sell food of course). I did not have problems renting and there are all sorts of doggy parks all around the city. The only thing that you need to do is pay tax on dogs. I am not sure how much is for two since I don't need to pay it because of my status in AT, but it can be around 80 to 100 Euro for both, per year. They both get a special mark that they should have around their neck when you go out with them. There are also doggy sitters, doggy hotels, all sorts of shops for dogs and vets on every corner. Paradise for dogs and a lot of people own dogs here. The funny thing is that in 7  years I have never seen a single stray dog anywhere!!