new here on this site and looking for new friends .

Hey ,
     Been living in Vienna for a little while now but only just
  found this site .
  Nice opportunity to meet new people and make new friends .
  cheers :).

Hi up&about,

Welcome to :)

It would be nice and much appreciated if you can write down a few words about yourself just as a proper introduction please :)

Thank you

Expat-blog Team

Hi ,
    O.k heres a little bit about me .
  Im from Australia and now live in Vienna , well Ive been living
  here for 4 years and just found this site .
  Im into art , I paint and also do sculpture work to .
  I also like music and cooking and would like to meet new people
  to .

  Have a great sunday ! :)

Hey up&about

I'm also an Aussie and up for hanging out.  Give me a buzz.



Hey cool o.k ,

      thanks for the message .
   Ill send you an email then .

   Cheers .

hi guys,
did you meet already? i'll be moving to vienna with my bf, we are mixed couple living in uk for the last 4 years, would be nice to meet some english speaking expats in vienna as we won't have any friends down there.

I'll be moving to austria early February. Looking forward to meet great people. Whatsapp [Moderated: Please send numbers in private]. My name is Michael, graduated from college. Self employed.. 25y.o... :)

I also moved in a few days ago!
Give me a buzz if you re interested!
I m Greek and planning on working here and probably study art and theater next year!
See you around :)

Hii, i also moved here few months ago, but find it hard to meet new friends! Give me a buzz if you´re interested! :)

We could arrange a meeting in order to get to know each other..
Any ideas?

I agree!!

Any ideas about place and available hours?

Hello everyone, I am also new on the city. My name is Francisco and I come from Mexico looking to meet new people and someone to practice my Deutsch with

Sounds good. I'm not a noob here but I'm always up to meet new people. What time would be good for you guys? Since u guys are new here, its better to find an easy place where we could meet up.  I think after lunch should be good.


I'm Adrian and I've been here a week - I would love to meet some new people. I'm mostly free after 12PM everyday. And in response to Dark_Passenger, perhaps somewhere near the Rathaus? There's a few bars/cafes in that area.

Rathaus sounds good to me! I am free after 4 or 5PM almost everyday.. what time is suitable for you guys?

[at] Adrian:Rathaus seems good.
     Tamara:I'm free after 2pm.

So will make it 4 pm so Tamara can come on time on monday?, however I dont know any cafes near there so someone just say a nice a place

There's the Einstein Cafe (was there just yesterday, it's actually quite good), and I also know of a bar called Schrittesser -  I haven't been there but it looks okay. There's a few others scattered throughout the area, if we get bored of one place we can easily walk into one of those.
For location, I'm voting for Einstein cafe, just because I think everyone will like the chips :)
Yeah sure, Monday at 4 suits me

So are u guys still up for tomorrow?

Sounds good for me too! 4pm einstein cafe! Which station is close to that place?

Rathouse or the university are real close to the zone, but i think the obe of the university is better.

Great! Its a date then! :P

I will try to catch up tomorrow. I think Rathaus would be easier if u dont like walkin a lot. :3

You guys should have a contact number by now? I will send u mine.


sounds good to me too! see you guys tomorrow then

Hi all,

I am also new to Vienna,

Living in 2nd District.

Look forward to connect you.

text me   [at]  shakulbio[at]

Kind Regards

Adrian and Tamara, where were u guys?

Hello everyone
I'm new here in Vienna just came last week and everything is new here for me ! I would like to meet with new people and would like to make new friends too .if interested please buzz me back ! Danke :)

I was there, but nobody showed up. I asked a few people if they knew anything but no deal, so I just ate and left after a while. From about 16:10 to 16:50 I was there

ME and Daphne came there on time. We were sitting near the toilette. Franci came after. We stayed there til 5.30. We didnt knew what you were wearing or what you look like, must have missed you.

Aw man, I'm so embarrassed - I even saw you guys, but I was convinced y'all were from the University, so I didn't wish to disturb you. Haha, oh well, next time.

NO way man!!! We might have seen you but there were a lot of guys coming in.

[at] Ahmed HEy dude I will let you know next time when we meet up.

Hi guys!! I couldn´t make it at 4 pm, because i was stuck at college until 7pm!! I didn´t have your number to text you, i feel really bad!! Was it fun?? Let me know when are you meeting again(soon I hope), i would love to come this time..

i am in cameroon welcome

Hello everyone, the ice thing ( forgot the name) near the rathaus is oppening tomorrow at 7 and the first night its gonna be free, I suggest to go as a group the ones we know and the others so we can meet each other. Maybe we can get together earlier just to know Tamara and our aussi friend and also Ahmed if he would like to come or anyone else

yeah sure i'd love to come there.. could you please give me the direction?

i´m up for it!!

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