just moved here, looking to make new (girl)friends!

Hey I'm Kat,
I just moved here a couple weeks ago from England as I've accepted a job here which I start in a month. I do have family in Austria but they live a few hours away and I know a couple guys here but I'm looking to meet female friends as the guys don't really want to meet for wine and shopping :)and we girls are a bit more careful about who we meet...
I know how to speak some German but I'm also taking a month long German course to get my grammar up to scratch! Unfortunately the people on my course are all just staying for a month, so I'm asking if there's anyone in a similar position as me?! Wanting to meet up for a coffee/drink? Or if a few of us want to meet up? Or even a gym partner?
Message me here or privately!
Kat :)

Hi Kat,

I'm just about to leave for the UK for a while but I'll be back on the 8th September. I love a cuppa and a natter. I'm a bit older than you (35) but I hope I'm not seen as a fuddy duddy quite yet.

Take a look at a group called 'Girls Gone International'. They are a nice group of girls and arrange regular get-togethers.

Take care.

Hi Emma, no that sounds great!
I've now joined girls gone international, thank you for the tip!
Kat x

Hey Kat,

I am Katy, and I am originally from Vienna. I just came back from living in the USA for a year and would love to meet some new people in Austria now as well, so if you are interested in meeting at some point let me know! :)
Also, the majority of my friends are guys so I can understand your wish to find some girls to go shopping with, drink wine or just grab a coffee or something :)

I´d love to hear from you!


Hello girls,

I'm moving to Austria next month and hope to make (female) friends there, both internationals and Austrians.

Hope to see u soon!

Hey Kat

I'm happy to meet up whenever you like! Girls Gone International is great too. Let me know if you want a coffee some time I know how full-on the first few months here can be when you're trying to figure everything out.


Hey girls... we should all just meet up some time ... what ya think? Petra

Now that's a plan Petra!! What's everyone doing next Tuesday night 27/8?? Drinks or coffeee catchup??

Id really love to but I am going to a photography event - if anyone is interested in joining, check on yelp. It's a walk where you take pics....

So, I cant... next week is crazy, but am free the following.


Here is the link for the photo tour:
http://www.yelp.at/events/wien-yelps-gu … -community

omg that photographic event sounds awesome, but sadly I won´t be in Vienna next Monday to Wednesday :(

But I think it would be a great idea if we could all just meet for coffee or something some time soon! :)

how about the following Tues/wed? so the 3rd/4th? so everyone can come..

Hey girls, who still wants to meet up some time?
Maybe we could do that some time this or next week? :)

Hey girls, when is the next meet up? I just came back in town, and would like to meet all you nice, open minded and fun girls!

Hi girls!
I am Agnese, from Italy, working in Vienna as Italian teacher and studying English and Italian at the university. I would really like to join you for a coffee, a glass of wine or some shopping! :)
Hear from you soon!

Hello girls!

Are you all still interested in a meetup?
How about this Saturday or Sunday?

Hope to hearfrom you soon!


I'm in!
I have two girl friends visiting in town, can bring them over for a meet up also.

Well, would you girls maybe be up for meeting for brunch on Sunday? :)

Sunday is perfect, im definitely in :)

Hey girls :)

I'm Paria and I'm studying Educational Science in Vienna. I would love to make some international friends. So just let me know when you're planning to hang out some time. Would love to join ;)

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