to all the arabic-, english- and spanish-native-speakers in Vienna!

Hey, folks,

I was now 1 1/2 years abroad. (One year in Hamburg, Germany and 5 month in Cairo, Egypt) (riginally I am from Vienna. And I will be back in my hometown soon.

(Und ja, ich kann auch Deutsch. Doch ich denke, dass man in einem internationalen Forum lieber auf englisch posten sollte. ;) )

In my time in egypt, I satrted to learn (egyptian) arabic and I would like to continue my studys when I am back home.

So I would search for a place where I could study egyptian arabic. (Or somebody who would like to teach me.)

And I also search for native english- and spanish-speakers, who would like to talk with me in their language sometimes.

I don't want to forget everything!

If you know anything (or anybody) pls inboxx me!

Thank you a lot!

Regards! ;)

Hello Nina_de_Vienna!

I would suggest you to post an advert in the classes section of Vienna classifieds.
It might help!


Hello NiNa!!

My namy is Mara i live in Gratz and i speak fluently English Greek French! I can easy communicate in Arabic ,not written, because i was living in Cairo for 5 years!! I hope that i dont forget them...maybe not cos i love this launguage!!

Please contact me anytime...I really need some friends to speak in English or  in Arabic.

Have a nice day



I just moved to Tulln (30 mins from Vienna) and I'm originally from English so I can definitely help you there :) I also speak ok Spanish and recently lived there for 8 months so maybe we could practise together? :)


Hay , am in vienna and am a native arabic ( Egyptian) speacker , let me know if you still interested
My mail is : ahmedjacob[at]

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