Any Pakistani Expats in Austria - Please add me!

Hi all,

I AM Samuel from Lahore. I am interested in moving to Vienna on Job seeker. I have done MBA.

I want to meet Pakistani expats living in Austria. Please add me!

Hi there Samuel  :)

I moved your thread to the Vienna forum so that you get acquainted more easily with the other members of the Vienna forum.

Good luck,

I have applied job seeker visa from pakistan recently. i did my MBA.
my doc are in process for verification in embassy.whats ur stage now.
Hasan Khan

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Are you from Lahore? Where do you live?
Kya ap ne German language learn karli ha?

I am from Lahore and applied job seeker visa for austria. i did MBA Finance. I have submitted my doc in embassy islamabad for verification. Whats your stage. have u got legalisation process.

hi. I was planning to go to vienna but i did some research. Ive found that you must be highly qualified like phd and must have very good german language skills. then only you can survive there.
so where in lahore u live. have you learnt german,?


I am also from Lahore - Pakistan and working as System Administrator in a private company.  I have also applied for job seeking visa.  Will anyone guide me about IT related jobs.  Also guide me about the language requirement. You know the people like us face different challenges specially financials and we have to take each step carefully.  So I hope anyone will step forward to guide me what I am interested for.

Good By & Wiedersehen
Amjad Ali

You will need to read up on their immigration website

Hi Amjad_Ali. I was planning to go to Vienna but i did some research. I've found that you must be highly qualified like phd and must have very good German language skills. then only you can survive there.

Learning German is a must to really live in Austria

I am also going to apply for Job Seeker Visa. But I dont have German language work experience nor experience. My points are about 70.

Hi all Pakistani living in Vienna Austria Aslam o Alekum
Have  nice time in Austria
I am from Dina District Jhelum Pakistan. I need to settle with my immediate family members as soon as possible.

I am a Business Planner/Career Consultant and Student Mentor I can teach English Language but still do not know German. I intend to learn German firstly after getting in Vienna. I have a travel history of UK as I visited London in 2008 and. came back with no overstay.

If there is anyone who can help me for Austria tourist visa. I will be verey grateful.

Hoping a favourable reply soon.

With best wishes.

Munawar Kamgar

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