OFFER LETTER/CONTRACT - How long does it take?

Hi! I would like to inquire on the duration of offer letter issuance? I applied as technical instructor in Vocational Training Center in Oman. On June 22, 2014, delegates from Ministry of Manpower - Oman went here in Manila to conduct personal interview and I was one of those chosen/accepted applicants for the position. We were advised to wait for the offer letter that will be forwarded to our local agency. However, two weeks ago, in my curiosity, I called my local agency to follow up the status of my offer letter, they said: the're still no offer letters being issued by MOM to all local agencies who participated on June 2014 interview session. Does it really take that long? Thanks in advance for your reply.. :)

Hi Diane,

How much time did you wait for the offer letter? I also am waiting for VTC to send me the offer.

I believe its just too long to wait for receiving an offer letter. Things do take little more to get completed here in ministries but 3 years is just too long.

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